Desktop Features
Main Screen
Main screen is a central point of you navigation through HILO. On left you will find a navigation area to select your preferred event for betting. You have a choice of sports categories and then individual events per category. When you select an event its associated competitions appear on top of the application screen. By default, in-play events are selected when application starts.

You can always see your account balance on right top side of the application screen. Also on right side If runner's back or lay rates show at timely basis The main are is occupied by trader interface. This will change depending on betting method chosen.On bottom of the screen you can find your recent bets, your favorite events and recently viewed competitions. System log will show you a history of your actions in current session.Status bar informs you on current time, connection status and betting mode.

Navigation bar on top contains quick buttons to access every application area.
Bookmakers make money by laying odds on an event at a price above true odds. This makes the people who are backing an event pay more than 100% for an outcome that can only possibly end with a 100% chance. This is why trying to beat the bookmaker has always been incredibly difficult. In a five horse field any one of five horses will definitely win the race, there is a 100% chance of that happening. If you can sell the book at 110% you know you only have to pay out a maximum of 100% and the remaining 10% will be your profit. If you look at this as a backer, you are buying 100% for more than it’s worth and you will always lose. That is unless you know something significant enough to turn over the bookmakers built in margin.

The art of bookmaking has always been to create a balanced book. You need to take money from backers in equal proportion based on the odds you have offered. The odds you offer should have some profit margin for you. If you can’t do this your risk is out of proportion to your potential pay-out and you could face a large loss. For traditional bookmakers their role was pretty clearly defined, they needed to split opinion as this would nearly always produce a balanced book and therefore make money. In modern betting markets splitting opinion is no longer an option. The market is free from your influence and people pick and choose their own prices. Therefore you need to price the book at a level that ensures that you can get all your bets matched as quickly as possible. Any unmatched bets will leave an ‘unbalanced’ book and a potential loss for you!

HILO offers you all these unique options of professional bookmaking. When you enter the bookmaking screen you will see the market that you have chosen and a list of selections in that market. You will also see a reminder that bookmaking only places lay bets in a market. When you make a book you only lay selections to the market you do not perform any other task. We put this reminder in because there are actually several options available for you to lay orders into the market. You don’t need to lay at the current lay price.

With dutching you can back a number of outcomes with the intention of excluding less certain outcomes for a profit. For example you can dutch the front four in a horse race so that you guarantee a profit if any of the first four win the race. On a soccer match you could dutch all the correct scores excluding very unlikely scores to guarantee a profit.
One Click Betting
This is a simple trading grid, which opens by default.
Having selected a market, the grid to the right of the market tree will be populated with the best 3 back and lay prices for each selection name in the particular market.
The prices will be refreshed according to the refresh rate that you have selected in application settings (default rate is 1 second).
Just like the native Betfair site you can click on any of the prices to place a bet.

If you have verify bets ticked, a popup window will open displaying the odds, stake and profit/liability.

You can adjust the odds and/or stake at this point before the bet is placed.

Otherwise if the verify bets is un-ticked the bet will be placed immediately at the odds that you clicked on for the amount shown in the back/lay stake column providing you have sufficient funds to cover the bet.

The my bets manager grid, just below the market grid, will display your bets. You will notice that each market contains a header bar just above the column headings. This bar displays the market name and some info about market status for chosen competition.

One Click Betting
In this panel we can see available inplay events.

Betting Conformation

In this panel we can see available sport events.

My Bets tab on bottom contains the info about all your bets. You can filter by period. You can cancel unmatched bets.

Watched Events
You can add an event to watched list by clicking "Add to Watched" when an event is opened in trader. Watched events are monitored by HILO internally. Warnings appear prior to start of watched events. When event starts a trader grid opens for it automatically.
Recent Events
Here you can see all recent events you traded.
In this dialog you can edit your application settings.
Back Valuse And Lay Values
Here you can see Back Valuse And Lay Values. If any runners back value increases then it would be add in back value table and if any runners lay value decreases then it would be added in lay values table.
Here you can see chart for runner values analysis with timely basis.
Export To Excel
Betfair Chart